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Turinabol 10 MG / 100 Pills

Turinabol is one of the tablet steroids that is very well known among bodybuilders. It doesn't hold much water like Dianabol. It can also be called the version of Dianabol which does not retain water in the body. It is one of the most preferred tablet steroids by athletes who want clean pure mass. It gives incredible power and strength. It is one of the biggest supporters of athletes in gaining muscle mass. It is possible to see visible changes in the lines when using turinabol thanks to its water-repellent feature.
The dosage varies according to the person, an average 90kg athlete can use 4 tablets. It has been found that bodybuilders use up to 8 tablets per day. It is striking that the effect of turinabol is seen at these dosages. Strength and muscle gain are effective at these dosages, and estrogen-related side effects are not uncommon. Although water retention is a side effect of turinabol, this amount is reduced with anti-estrogen. For these reasons, it is a popular steroid that is highly popular.
It gives very good results as strength gain in both women and men. Let's give an example of a cure applied among male athletes; 50mg per day of turinabol - 228mg per week of paraballon - 150mg per week of winstrol. This cure can be combined with diet or with some fat burners (clenbuterol-Salbutamol-Cytomel-Triacana). It provides a low fat ratio, a straight and firm appearance and minimal muscle loss.
USE ; It is recommended to use 30-50mg daily. It can be easily preferred in both definition and bulk cures.

Turinabol Cycle

Turinabol or tbol has more effect when used in conjunction with a testosterone. This is due to the fact that it can lower the natural testosterone level in people who use it. For this reason, it is generally preferred by bodybuilders and athletes during the definition periods. At the same time, turinabol tbol provides an amazing strength boost. At the same time, it prevents you from experiencing muscle loss due to the lack of calories during the definition period in the turinabol cycle. If you use turinabol even while reducing the body fat rate below 10%, you will not experience muscle loss.

EXAMPLE CURE; Parabolan-Winstrol-Turinabol-Clenbuterol. In bulking cycles, you can do a cycle where you can get very effective normal results as testosterone boldenone turanabol.