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Ephedrine HCL

Ephedrine hydrochloride is a powerful circulatory stimulating steroid. It provides very high performance and attention increase. It eliminates fatigue and reduces your appetite. It has high fat burning properties.


Ephedrine HCL Benefits

Ephedrine (Ephedrine HCL) interacts with muscle cells, increases heat expenditure as well as fat cells. It can also prevent muscle tissue from breaking down to a small degree.
Ephedrine HCL is highly synergistic with caffeine and is therefore often found in an ECA cycle.
Ephedrine is an effective drug. Bodybuilders and athletes use it to lose weight in a short time and to increase strength. It is very popular.

Ephedrine HCL Side Effects

It increases blood pressure.
It disrupts sleep.
It can increase the risk of heart attack.
It carries the risk of addiction as it is a stimulant.
Over certain doses are considered doping.



You should use it for a maximum of 1 month to avoid heart disease. Inject 25-50 mg 10 minutes before starting the sport and start the sport, you will forget what it means to be tired. When you use ephedrine, high caffeine consumption increases the effect of ephedrine.
The effects of adrenaline can be compared to ephedrine. With a clear difference, the overall effect is weaker than that of adrenaline, but lasts longer. In contrast to an adrenaline, ephedrine has less influence on the psyche, but a stronger influence on the cardiovascular system.