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Equipoise Boldenone, simply put, is an appetite-inducing drug that gives clean mass, preferred by athletes who want to grow their muscles. It can be used during bulk and diet periods. It should not be rushed to get a tangible result, it should be waited for at least 6 weeks. Boldenone is not a fast-acting product, but it can turn you into a monster in the long run. After the 12th week, its effect increases significantly. Huge results are inevitable. Slow but quality muscle mass gains. Strength and strength It gives a lot of fat and grows without holding water. The most important feature is its appetite. In recent years, boldenone has started to be preferred as the most ideal steroid instead of deca. In addition, boldenone facilitates blood flow in the body and provides more blood to the muscles.

Usage Recommendation

It is recommended to use at least 12 weeks. It is a product that works very well in the long run. The ideal weekly dosage is 250-600mg.

Equipoise Benefits

Equipoise can be used with many steroids and is a versatile steroid. It is used by bodybuilders and athletes for muscle gain in their steroid cycles. It also increases strength in the body during steroid cycles. This reflects positively on the training you do. To get high efficiency from Equipoise, it is recommended to use it in steroid cycles longer than 10 weeks. It gives a voluminous and solid appearance to the muscles. The undecylenate ester present in Equipoise increases the steroid activity in the body. It leads to the conversion of estrogen in the body. As a result of clinical studies, equipoise's ability to convert to estrogen is half as low as testosterone.

Equipoise Side Effects

Equipoise has very few side effects. Side effects occur when you increase the dosage too much. If preservatives such as proviron are not used in high dosages, there is a possibility of gynecomastia. This side effect occurs when very high doses are used early in the steroid cycle. One of the other side effects is oily face and acne. PCT is recommended at the end of each equipoise steroid cycle. Sexual dysfunction may occur if PCT is not performed after very long use.